Massage Therapies

Massage Therapies

Relaxation Massage

Unravel tension and feel your body sigh with relief as this light to medium pressure massage combines long soothing massage strokes to deliver a sense of overall well-being.

60 minutes $85

90 minutes $115

Deep Tissue Massage

Loosen sore muscles and joints with firm to very firm massage techniques directed toward your specific areas of tension.

60 minutes $90

90 minutes $120

Aromatherapy Massage

Experience relaxation at it's best with the combined practice of traditional herbal medicine and soothing massage strokes. Select your essential oil blend and relax with the natural therapy suited to you.

60 minutes $90

90 minutes $120

Refresh Massage

For those with little time to spare, this targeted massage concentrates on tension in the neck, shoulders and upper body.

30 minutes $45

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Melt tension away in this totally relaxing full body massage with the added benefits of an infusion of minerals delivered by warmed hand-carved salt stones held in the hands of your therapist. As the soothing stones glide over your body, the warmed salt stones loosen restrictive tissue covering the muscles allowing a deeper relaxation of muscles and joints.

60 minutes $95

90 minutes $125

Maternity Massage

Be completely nurtured with soothing massage techniques that address specific pregnancy discomforts. Please note that some physicians do not recommend massage due to specific concerns for their patients. Please check with your physician.

60 minutes $90

Massage For Two

Share a memorable experience in our Couples Room with two massage tables and two massage therapists. Each person may choose from Custom Relaxation, Intensive Deep Muscle, Aromatherapy and Maternity Massage (Maternity Massage is 60 minutes only).

60 minutes $170

90 minutes $230

Massage Enhancements

Oil Nutrient Scalp Treatment $15

Hello Spa Revolution Family

We are writing to inform you that Spa Revolution of Ocala will be going out of business on June 8, 2018. As some of you know, our family moved here approximately 5 years ago, when Jason began his career as a Trauma Surgery Attending Physician at Ocala Regional Medical Center. After much thought and deliberation, we have decided to move to South Carolina, where our family lives, so that our sons can be raised close to their Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles and Cousins. It has been such an incredible journey of growth and discovery these past two years, and we have enjoyed cultivating new friendships with each of you. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life!

As we all know when one door closes, another opens. We are excited to announce that Rachel Wilkerson, our Lead Esthetician & Massage Therapist will be taking the next step in her journey and opening her own studio. She will continue to offer exceptional services for you here in Ocala. Stay tuned with location details...

In the next few weeks prior to closing, we are placing ALL of our current inventory on SALE starting now. This includes skin care products from Skin Authority and Eminence Organics, healthy mineral makeup from GloBeauty, Shoogie Company products, Luxury Therapeutic Spa Wraps, etc. If you have gift cards, please call us to schedule your spa appointments as soon as possible, so that you may use these prior to our closing date. Gift Certificates are non-refundable, but may be used toward Spa Services (massages, facials, body treatments), Botox, Fat Burning Injections, IV Nutrient Therapy, plus ANY of our on sale inventory.

We are so grateful to you for being a loyal customer with us. If you have any questions, please call us at 352-304-5995 or email our owner, Morgan Farrah, directly at

Jason & Morgan Farrah and the Spa Revolution Team